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Design your Aritco Lift in our Home Lift Studio. See it in 3D in your home. Experience it with the Augmented Reality app and Virtual Reality Oculus glasses
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We are the Swedish world leading manufacturer of home lifts and platform lifts. Through our network of more than 140 ditributors, we supply lifts in over 40 countries all over the world.


Our lifts are award winning solution for modern homes as well as practical products for public offices and facilities.


Read more about Aritco at:
Aritco lifts group
Aritco Home Lift Studio offers all the tools you need to design, customize and experience our home lift before purchasing one.


Build your own home lift in your computer. Place it in your own house using  Aritco3D. See how it fits in different positions in your rooms directly from your iPad or Android with the AritcoAR tool.


Fully experience an Aritco Home Lift in our digital showroom with a Virtual Reality tour using AritcoVR and Oculus Rift glasses.
Home Lift Studio
With best in class for style and simplicity, Aritco Home Lifts allow you to move easily from kitchen to bedroom with just a click.


Our home lift adds value to your house or residence and improves the quality of your life. You can choose from many options and colours. And it is much more affordable than what you would expect.


Read more about our home lifts at:
Aritco Home Lifts

Learn more about our Home Lifts via our apps

Experience our home lifts.

Choose one of the applications below.


Load a picture of your room or just use one of our preset environments and see how easily an home lift fits in. Choose your color, change the mat, customize the glasswall and much more

Start Aritco 3D

Virtual Reality

Wanna know how it feels into the fully customized home lift you just created? Use your Oculus Rift glasses to see it and live it in a full 360 degree Virtual Reality experience

Start Aritco VR

AritcoAR for Android

Visualize your home lift directly from your mobile. Place the target where you would like your home lift and see it in 3D through your Android device's camera with our Augmented Reality app

Google Play

AritcoAR for iPad

With our Augmented Reality app you can fully experience our home lift in 3D right on the display. Point the iPad where you want to place your home lift and see it appearing directly before your eyes

App Store

Need help with our apps and tools?
Here you can find our tutorials.

Build your own Aritco Home Lift

Fit it in your home, customize it and share it with us

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