What is my IP address

If you prefer, you can also find the default gateway address through the graphic interface. Your public IP address is a string of four numbers (for most folks, anyway – unless you’ve moved to IPv6) and is the way in which your device can be located on the internet. IP stands for internet protocol and is an address consisting of numbers, separated by periods, that is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your router’s IP address is the “Default Gateway” in your network connection information on Windows. In contrast, when a computer's IP address is assigned each time it restarts, this is known as using a dynamic IP address. IP-based Geolocation is mapping of an IP address or MAC address to the real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected computing or a mobile device. What is my IP Address; IP Lookup; Speed Test; WebRTC Leak Test; LITE; Extended Version; Why IPBurger Fresh Dedicated IPs? It is used to identify your internet connection.

IP address assignment . Not only location, but it also points the pin on the map which is an estimated location of that IP.

Besides, it also knows the latitude, longitude, city, state, country, and ISP of an IP Address, and whether or not it's a crawler, or a proxy, etc.

Geolocation involves in mapping IP address to the country, region (city), latitude/longitude, ISP and domain name among other useful things. How to change your IP address and hide your location. An easy way to find information about your IP Address is by making a call to your Internet Service Provider and asking them about the type of IP Address provided to you.
IP address defined. IP Location Lookup tool provides information about the location of any entered IP Address. Your internet connection is 100% secure and private. Your IP address is assigned to your computer at home by your broadband provider. It’s very easy to hide or change your IP address.All you need is a VPN (virtual private network).A VPN will switch your IP address by virtually placing you in a different location.When you use a VPN, your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel so that no one, not even your ISP, can see what you’re doing online.
Your IP address is a unique number that works much like a physical address that points to your computer instead of your house.

Our dedicated VPNs go hand-and-hand with eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Facebook, Google, YoutTube, NetFlix, Skype and so many other marketplaces and services online. IP addresses are assigned to a host either dynamically as they join the network, or persistently by configuration of the host hardware or software. If you prefer using the Command Prompt, you can find the default gateway for any connection quickly by using the ipconfig command. They are also used for domain names on the web. First, open the Control Panel. A good tech support person should be able to answer this question and also provide you with good information about different types of IP … Persistent configuration is also known as using a static IP address.